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6 – Improve Employee Experience [+]

  • Because of our reporting software’s unique ability to generate the “forest” perspective, this moves the attention away from the “trees” (individual call center agents) and focuses on the “bigger picture” – which reduces the pressure on the individual agents;
  • By removing some of the pressure on the individual agents for improving the results, this fosters better working conditions.
  • Team leaders and supervisors don’t often cherish having to have those tough conversations with their individual agents, so this will reduce some of the “not so glamorous” tasks of their jobs.
  • Our reporting software enables business leaders to transfer some of the energy spent problem-solving and re-focus it on new areas, and these new areas by virtue of the “forest for the trees” design, will turn their attention to the “processes” rather than on the individual. This is a huge advantage for companies who want to create a better experience for their employees; this also means that some of the energy/pressure for improvements can be transferred to redesigning the processes that do not work as well as expected, rather than “hounding” agents for yet another percentage improvement that they must achieve “somehow”.
  • When employees feel more motivated and happy about their work environment, this positive attitude will inevitably reflect on the service they provide and inspire them to give their customers their very best – this improves the customer’s experience and in turn, increases revenues.

- Posted by on January 4, 2013
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Your call center will benefit by reducing your expenses in several ways:


Your contact center will benefit by increasing your revenues in several ways:


Your business will benefit by improving your employee experience:


Your business will benefit by improving your customer service experience:


The Reporting Engine® is not only a powerful call center reporting software, but it's a robust database driven application. This software is also a web-based application accessible anytime, anywhere. Because this is a Software as a Service (SaaS) or centrally hosted on cloud servers, it provides among many other advantages the added benefit of no upfront investment on your part.

The Reporting Engine® is a standalone reports software unique in its design to bring you more savings on all levels. No information technology overhead to maintain this; it’s on our secure servers. No need to worry about lagging behind with upgrades: they are automatic and completely seamless and require no intervention on your part.

The Reporting Engine® collects telephone data, sales data and schedule adherence data so you can report on these in any way you desire; you can even display these 3 types of data on the same page if that is what you need.


The Reporting Engine® is a flexible call center performance management software that enables you to view your data in any way imaginable. With our exclusive “Profiles” structure you can arrange your data in three dimensions which allow you to analyze your call center reports from a totally different perspective. Giving you results that you could only dream of before.

The Reporting Engine® allows you to create “Profiles” (one could say -Groups). These “profiles" are customizable to your business model. For more info on “Profiles”, please contact one of our agents.

The Reporting Engine® is designed with the user in mind. All field names are completely modifiable, swappable, and you can add as many columns as you wish!

The Reporting Engine® has a unique dynamic drill-down menu that will intuitively bring you to another level in a most effective way. This menu is easily accessible by simply hovering over the fields and clicking once the popup appears.


The Reporting Engine® is so easy-to-use that no training is required. Designed with over 20 years of call center management experience, it will intuitively guide you as you navigate inside the reporting tool.

The Reporting Engine® requires no programming whatsoever. No more Excel spreadsheets, no more Crystal Reports, No more Access, period. Sure you can export your report to Excel if you wish, but you do NOT need to do this, simply click and view.

The Reporting Engine® can be used by call center managers, supervisors, team leaders, executives, even agents can have access if you so desire. You can set privileges according to profiles and give users different levels of access.